Happy Birthday Sms

On this very special day

I'd like to say to you

I hope your birthday's

Filled with love

and all your

dreams come true

Dear Happy Birthday !


There are two bright stars

in the sky today,

One is the star of God

and one is you !

I hope you keep shining

bright for the rest of your life.

     Happy Birthday !


Happy Birthday !

Hop its as awsome as

You are and May all

Your birthday wishes

come true !!!!


Thinking of you and the

Good times we spent....

Make me smile !

Happy Birthday to a friend

Who's always close to my heart.


Many angels are coming your way....

With lots of love from me to say

Have a very

Happy Birthday !


Warm, Friendly, Loving

   and kind....

You are a true aquarian

in every way !

Have a very

Happy Birthday !


God had a plan in creating you

when God made you he blessed

the world with a very special person.

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday !


I am very amused and happy to

Wishing you that, This Birthday

Bring happiness, Enjoyment,

Exhilaration and Joviality,

Contentment In your Life.

     Happy Birthday !


A Birthday is a Million Moments

each holding a promise of fulfillment of

  your dreams & accomplishments

      of some special plans....

         Happy Birthday


Luck is Yours

Wish is Mine

May your Future

Always Shine.....

With lots of Love

Happy Birthday

My Dear Friend


Celebrate your birthday, go

 have lots of fun,everyday

 should enjoy it and have

    Tons of fun.

Happy Birthday!


I would like, my love ,

With you now to stay And how I need you

I would like to say....

Happy, Happy

Birthday !!


On this wonderful day

I want to see you smiling!

Happy Birthday, My love,

I do love you, My darling!