HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015

You know god arrange for u,12 months of love, 52 weeks non stop fun,
and 365 days of Happiness.so when you mixed them all.
You will found a very happy new year


We will open the look its pages are blank,
We are going to put words on them by ourselves,
The book is called OPPORTUNITY and
Its  first chapter is NEW YEAR'S DAY .
Wish you a great year Ahead.


May your eyes,Mind and heart  be filled with True spirit of starting a
new year that gives  a fresh dimension to your life.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U........................


Lovely as a crystal stream,Tranquil as a gentle breeze,
Bright as blossoms in the sun tomorrows possibilities.
May You Have a Happy New Year


It's not the years in life but the life in years the matters the most.
 may your life be always full of life
HAPPY NEW YEAR...............


May the new year ring in lots of love, Happy Tidings,
Good health and lots of blessings for you and your family
HAPPY new year.......