Kiss Day Wishes for Girlfriend

Never kiss a lady police
She will say, hands up.

Never Kiss a lady doctor,
She will say , Next please,

Always Kiss a lady teacher,
She will say repat it 5 time

Happy Kiss Day

Wanna say on Kiss Day,
Your kiss is the one thing
that turns my any day great..!!

Kissed seal
What two hearts feel....
I want you !
I need you!
I love you...!!


Beloved any name here
It's kiss day and every time you kiss me, 
I feel on the top of the world!

Happy Kiss Day!

Happy Kiss Day...
If i could bring back memories
i would bring the first day 
i kissed you i look you in the eyes
and felt love, 
thanks god an angel coma into may life..!
I still remember the first time you kissed me
And said that you love me!
Time sways by but our love for each other never fades.
This is to let you know again that i love you
and will keep loving you for ever
and ever again...!
Happy Kiss Day...!!!
I love the way you Kiss Me
On my cheek yet so softly
So i just want you to know
I want u to be the last boy 
I kiss.....!!!